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American Economist on Why This War Might Be Straw that Breaks Russia’s Empire Dreams

“All of this, this current war, should drive a nail into the idea of ‘Russia Empire.’ Finally, maybe Russia can become a normal country.” Moscow-born Dr. Michael Alexeev - who says, “Thank God I do not live in Moscow” – is a renowned economist who completed his PhD at Duke University, has focused on the post-Soviet space for decades. Taking a hard look at the realities of Ukraine and Russia since independence, Alexeev sees reason for Ukraine to ‘keep the faith’ and for Russia to be concerned. The son of well-known Soviet dissidents, including Ludmilla Alexeeva, who was one of the co-founders of the Moscow Helsinki Group, was described by the US State Department as “one of the world’s great defenders of human rights.” Given his unique background, including having known Ukrainian dissidents as a child, Alexeev gives a unique and insightful understanding of what is happening now in Ukraine and Russia. Prof. Alexeev formerly taught at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.